Features List Room Manager Office 365

Resource Booking

  • Meeting Room Booking
  • Room Layout / Setup for a sepecific room
  • Equipment Booking
  • Catering Booking
  • Parking Space Booking
  • Workspace Booking
  • Sites (regions, cities, regional boundaries)
    • Sample New York, London
  • Locations (offices, buildings, offices with resources and categories)
    • 5th avenue for New York
    • Canary Warf for London
  • Manage Floorplans

Room Manager Calendar

  • Colored calendar
  • Thumbs of all meeting rooms
  • Event Calendar and Event List SP
  • Custom Calendar with room coloring
  • Check Availability of a room
    • filters the calendar for specific room
  • Floorplans
    • linl above the meeting room thumb
  • Location Filter
    • filters the calendar by specific location
  • Day, week and month view
  • Mini calendar


  • MS Flow
  • NEW PowerAutomate
  • Send email reminder
  • Approval Workflows
    • For a specific room
    • Generic for all rooms
  • serial flows (approver1, approver 2 than approver3)
  • parralel flows (one of 3 approvers)
  • Add custom flows
  • Modify RM Flows

Meeting Invites

  • Send booking confirmation to the organizer
  • Send invitation to attendees
    • simple notifications manged with flow, or
    • classic outlook meeting invites (Outlook add-in required)
  • ics (ics file as attachement in the email send to users, user can open and add to personal outlook calendar, no automatice updates)
  • ical (rd party webpart needed) user can accept, deny the invitation, reply is send back to the organizer of the event (optional)
  • Add meeting event to user personal Outlook calendar

Meeting Room Types

  • Exchange rooms (resources, exchange mail boxes) (all resources are managed in Exchange Online, Office 365)
  • Room Manager rooms (all meeting rooms are managed in Room Manager Rooms list)
Average time to craete a meeting before ROOM MANAGER
Average time to create a meeting after ROOM MANAGER
Total savings per year/organization (15'000 reservations)

Microsoft PowerApps

  • Download from (iTunes or Google Play)
  • Room Manager PowerApps are available

Outlook Add-In (OAI)

  • NEW Office Outlook Add In technology by Microsoft
  • Get Add Ins
    • added by the user directly
    • removed by the user
    • Add-In Task Pane is added to outlook
  • Centralized deployment of the Office Outlook Add-In throug Admin Center O365)
  • OAI for Outlook Desktop (Outlook 2013, 2016, Pro Plus)
  • OAI for Outlook O365 (OWA, user outlook calendar in O365)

Booking Form

  • customizable with custom fields by client
  • single room
  • multiple rooms for single event (optional)
  • Single Event
  • All Day event
  • Recurrent event


  • Content Approval set on/off for requests
  • Hide/Show resources in the booking form
  • Different approvers Email Address for a different room (rooms list)
  • Generic Email address of approver
  • Parallel Approval Flow
  • Serial Approval Flow

Conference Room Displays

  • NEW Use your own devices! (BYOD)
  • RM Conference Room Display PowerApps
  • iOS, Android, Windows-Phone devices, like tablets or phones
  • Self customization Logo and Branding
  • Book Now Button
  • Extend Button
  • End Now Button
  • Upcoming events
  • No show (optional)
    • Confirmation Button visible, user needs to “confirm” otherwise the room booking is cancelled, and the room released (customization needed)

Anayltics, Reports & Utilization

  • BETA


  • Colored calendar (each room with a seprate color)
  • Location filter
  • Check availability of a room
  • Double Booking checking
  • Add custom 3rd party webparts

Visitor Management

  • RM Visitor Registration PowerApps
    • BYOD, Bring your own device, any iOS, Android-based, Windows based device can be used
  • Visitor List
    • A list in Room Manager, which shows all visitors by status, with event details
  • Checked In
  • Checked out
  • Bar code, QR code for checkout
  • NDA sign
  • Take visitor photo (optional)
  • Send notification email to the host, when visitor checks-In
  • Print Visitor Pass

Catering Management

  • Manage all your catering items in the catering list in SharePoint, add images, prices, etc. use keywords for tagging)
  • Catering Order List (all events with catering orders are added to the Catering Order list)
  • Catering Invoice (send by outlook email to internal or external Catering Services email addresses)
  • Group by meeting
  • Group by meeting room
  • Send alerts to caterer, when an catering order is made for an event. SharePoint Notifcations/Alerts


  • SP default site access and permission settings
  • Internal access
  • External sharing with partners configurable in SPO
  • Groups: Members, Visitors, Owners (default SP grounps)
  • external access (for partners and guests)
  • Share the site, by inviting the end-users by email

SharePoint Features

  • Site Collection
  • Sites
  • SharePoint Features
  • Notification and Alerts
  • Custom lists
  • Document libraries
  • Custom workflows MS Flow / PowerAutomate (NEW) and SP Designer Support
  • Custom fields (for booking form)
  • Custom fields for any resource list can be added
  • Export to Excel
  • Content Types
  • Views, personal Views
  • Sorting, Filtering, Grouping, Formulas
  • Connect to Outlook
    • connect the RM calendar to “other calendars” in outlook calendar (one way synchronization, Master is Room Manager calendar)
  • Add the Room Manager Calendar under other calendar in your outlook
  • List permissions
  • Item Level permissions (users can only delete theier own events)
  • Surveys and feedbacks after meeting can be added

Car Manager Office 365

  • Manage all your cars and vehicles in the cars list
    • images, description, keywords, custom fields can be added
  • Add custom fields for the car booking form
  • Check-in car with no fault
  • Check-in car with fault indication (car is blocked automatically)
  • Planned maintenance
    • define which cars need to be taken out of the pool for revision
  • Block car
  • Define car rules and policies
  • Make certain cars available only for specific users and groups
  • Update milage when user check-in the car
  • Send reminder
  • Workflows
  • Dashboards
  • KPI
  • PowerApps

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