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Like a room a car is a category, a resource which can be used with the ROOM MANAGER solution. With the solution you manage all your cars in different locations to eliminate conflicts and double bookings

With the ROOM MANAGER Outlook plug-in, resource scheduling software is extended to enable users to make car and even parking space reservations, at the same time as booking a meeting room or desk.

Enterprise Keywords are used to categories cars; like VIP, ECONOMY, AC, BUSINESS, FAMILY, 4 SEATS, AIRBAG, ect. are some keyword you can used to categorize and tag your single cars, or the entire fleet. This helps later to narrow down and filter your search to find the right car. (read as well about enterprise keywords used in room manager)

  • Tagging
  • Search and filter by Tags like: Status, Capacity, Color, Availability etc
  • Automatically generate Microsoft Outlook notifications
  • Generate Reports: Capacity, Status, Availability, Usage, and many more…
  • Billing and Invoicing (Enterprise Edition only)
  • Content Approval, Reject, Pending and Approved status for Event and Car requests
  • Support for Custom Workflows (SharePoint Designer (SPD) required)
  • Survey and Feedback for car usage by participants and customers
  • Facility and Resource Management (Enterprise Edition)
  • Invoicing and billing are supported
  • Outlook Add In can be used to make a car reservation


Reporting functionality for Car Manager

  • periodically, primarily on the usage and destination of vehicles.
  • Kilometers travelled each month and annually by vehicle
  • Utilization – kilometers travelled versus contracted & % of available business hours booked
  • Kilometers travelled by each project, formula applied to calculate cost generated in format can be added by custom formula easily
  • Usage by department
  • Usage by Car
  • usage by Driver
  • Check In / Check Out (customization)
  • Service Interval Alerts and Warnings can be configured and set up for each car


Further Customization needed can be added easily with custom lists and Custom workflows

  • Name of driver (can drop down list be populated directly from Active Directory?)
  • Department (defaults to department based on Name of driver selected)
  • Date (auto fill to today)
  • Destination
  • Reason for trip
  • Odometer readings before and after
  • Time in and out
  • Finance account code (can a drop down list be generated from your legacy system XML Import and Export)

Car Manager Main Calendar



Enable The Car Management Feature in Room Manager


Booking Form with Car Management Feature enabled