Visitor Management

When making a reservation the meeting organizer can invite internal as well as external users to the meeting event. For the external user simply the email address is added to the field. This way you can pre-register their visitors in advance through a simple mouse click. This means the visitor will receive an automatic invitation. This also means the visitor’s details will appear in the list of visitors of the day at the reception.

Visitor Management Screen

Visitor Registration PowerApps

Runs on PowerApps. Ios and Android-based devices can be used. iPad sign-in brings the wow factor to your front desk—and smart features enhance your security and make compliance efforts a breeze.

Visitors sign-in on an iPad kiosk when a visitor arrives, they’ll enter their details and sign documents right on the iPad.

Visitor Registration App notifies its host. Visitor Registration App automatically alerts your employee when their guest arrives—saving you
time and hassle. Find your guest sitting in any Meeting through your organization just by searching the Name, or any other keyword.

Checkout by filtering all open Events. Select the meeting name and click check out.

Optional Features

NDA sign for visitors

Take Picture of the visitors

Branding with your Logo and Colors

Print Visitor Badges

Host Notifications

Visitor List Barcode and Visitor Pass

Visitor Management Dashboard

is updated automatically with the email address of the external attendee. People at the reception as well the meeting organizer have a list with all visitors of the day. They can search the list by any value (e.g. status: expected, check-in, checked-out). In one click, they can check-in or check out visitors. The list is fed every time someone pre-registers a visitor by sending an email invitation.

When a meeting organizer pre-registers his/her visitor, an automatic invitation email is sent to the visitor with the details of the meeting and the Google map and the parking space reserved. Very professional and time-efficient.

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