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Amazing Room Management Solution for SharePoint

Room and Equipment Booking made easy

It is simple and powerful
It is an all-in-on resource booking solution
Booking made simple for users
Build for the cloud and on premise
Outlook Add In
Responsive Design with Mobile View for IPhone and Android

Room Manager

Room Scheduling
Equipment Booking
Visitor Management
Invite Attendees
Room Utilization
Car Management
Event Management

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room booking made easy for you!
Room scheduling, Equipment booking, Visitor management
Invite Attendees and much more.. click on the Video to start
Room Manager is as well available for SharePoint and Office 365
Car Management made easy
Conference Room Display
to place outside the wall
For Android and IOS Devices
Book Rooms instantly
Show current meetings
Cancel meetings
Book any category
Extend or cancel current meeting

Give a Try and You Will Love this Solution!

You can discover many awesome features and the ease of using this room manager solution.
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Features at a Glance

All Features at a Glance. Learn more about the features Room Manager offers you. Some of the most amazing features are Tagging, Resource Booking, Visitor Management
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Outlook Add In

This Add is be installed on each outlook client machine. The users make a meeting reservation directly from outlook. Available rooms, equipment, catering, workspaces are shown
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Car and Parking

Book a free parking space for yourself or your guests. The system then looks for a free parking space for a bit more than the meeting duration. Email is sent to the visitor (with Google Access Map).
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Visitor Management

When a meeting organizer registers the visitor, an invitation Email is sent to the visitor with the details of the meeting and the parking space is reserved automatically.
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Room Manager SharePoint App

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Visitor Kiosk

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Conference Room Displays for iPad or Android

Wall-mounted iPads or Android tablets and devices are a convenient way to display meeting Information. See upcoming...

Room Layout

Room Layout is a new Feature in Version 05 of Room Manager. When making an event you can just select  free...

Our Services

    • Room and Car Booking
    • Equipment Booking
    • Catering Services
    • Custom Workflows
    • Outlook Integration
    • Outlook Meeting Requests
    • Double Booking Checking
    • Multiple Sites and Locations
    • Outlook Add In
    • Event Management
    • Conference Room Displays
    • Car & Vehicle Management
    • Visitor Management
    • Facility Reports
    • Event Management
    • Mutiple Room Booking
    • Content Approval
    • Invoicing
    • Park Space Management
    • Tagging
    • Room Layouts
  • Room Booking was never easier.It is simple and powerful. It is an All-In-On Resource booking Solution and consists of a set of features which makes resource booking simple for end users.
  • Room Manager is available for SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016 is supported.
  • Use your own iOS or Android based Device. Simply connect to the Room Manager Site and display the current meetings on the device. WITHOUT installation of any iOS or Android based App needed.
  • Make a great first impression to any visitor of your office. Visitor Connect is an separate module of ROOM MANAGER is a great way to welcome guests, allow them to check-in, and to notify employees and the organizer of any event that they are here to see. All of this is done from the beauty and simplicity of an iPad Interface.