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Visitor Kiosk

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Happy Visitor


Organizer of an event uses Room Manager to invite external guests and visitos directly in the booking form. At the same time a free parking space can as well be booked for the visitor.

Happy Visitor1Parking

Step 2

The event is saved with the visitor details in the visitor list on Room Manager

Happy Visitor2


An invitation email is send to the visitor, with Google directions and Google map, as well the reserved parking space.

VisitorInvitation (1)

Step4 Visitor WebPart

the receptionist or the organizer of the event can use the Visitor WebPart from Room Manager, to manage the visitors record and the status


Step 5 Visitor Connect

Visitor checks in at the reception, the visitor will see his name under the “Visitor Guest List” on the IPad or any other Device

Room Manager Visitor Connect

Step 6: As soon as the visitor sign in, an email is send to the Organizer of the Event











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