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Because Unigestion uses Microsoft Exchange, we initially considered using the native resource management features available in Exchange to fulfill the above needs and replace these legacy applications. But a quick analysis immediately revealed that these native features were not rich enough to replace our legacy in-house  applications
Congrats! we love your room booking System, THANK YOU



Rachel Marshall
The ease of use and simplicity of function that Room Manager provides is exactly what we need. This meeting room booking software is simply perfect for us and greatly appreciated by our clients. Our Governing board and Financial controller were even happier given that we could pay a low monthly usage fee, freeing the originally allocated capital for another project.”
Susan Madison, Facility Manager
Room Manager is just more than a room scheduling solution. It is an OUT OF THE BOX solution available online as as well on premise for SharePoint.
James, Dentist
Not only was it a snap to setup, but it also allowed me to customize it to fit our needs. I am implementing this product with a custom SharePoint Designer workflow to allow some oversight of room scheduling. We have some rooms that require an approval before the meeting/event can be posted on the calendar. The built-in “waiting list” concept made that an easy task for my workflow.
Tony Rockwell, Manager
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