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Welcome to the Support Site for Room Manager

Support Email: [email protected]

upon the send of an email to the email address [email protected] you will get 2 emails,

  • first email Ticket Number with the confirmation
  • second email with your account details, password and login to the support site
  • please attach only screenshots, don’t insert the screen shot to the email body, as it will not be submitted in the current version

We will reply within 24 hour

please follow the following recomendations before you send us a Support ticket.


  • please add all Information to the ticket/issue, with attached detailed screen shots in the email,
    • (currently, embeded screen shots in the email are not send to our support ticket system
  • either attach the screen shots to the email before you send, or add all screen shots to a word document or pdf and attach this file to your ticket before you submit
  • send all support tickets either directly to our email address
  • or use the web Interface and submit the ticket by filling out the form
  • if the issue is difficult to screenshot, or complex to describe it helps to make a video, and share it, on yotube
    • Google for Tools to capture your Screen and to upload and share on YouTube
    • share the link to the Video with us
  • If you have any other questions or requests or new Feature that you would like to add to Room Manager please let us know, choose NEW REQUEST under the Product DropDown and describe what your requirment are, if feasable we will let you know, by time and material what the change would cost.
  • if you have any issues with the Support ticket System of room Manager, please Forward and email to [email protected]

To make Videos and screen shots you can use Snagit or Jing from Techsmith, or similar product, with Snagit you can even upload the video directly to YouTube.

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