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Standard Edition of Room Manager

  • Room Booking
  • Car Booking
  • Catering Booking
  • Equipment Booking
  • Workspaces booking
  • Content Approval Workflows
  • Standard iCal File (no Outlook Meeting request)
  • Custom Workflow support (SharePoint Designer)
  • Connect to Outlook
  • Export to Outlook
  • Room Manager Outlook Add In Support
  • Enterprise Keyword Support
  • Mobile PowerApp (for conference room Displays, and Smartphones)
    • MS PowerApp is available from Microsoft for iOS, Android, and Windows Phones
    • Upon Installation of PowerApp on your device, you can connect to the Room Manager PowerApp which runs on your O365 Room Manager site

Enterprise Edition of Room Manager

  • Room Booking
  • Car Booking
  • Equipment Booking
  • Catering Booking
  • Workspace (DeskSharing with check/in and Check/out)
  • Park Space Management
  • Outlook Meeting Requests (only with the Outlook Add In available)
  • Visitor Management
  • Room/Resource Utilization/Facility Reports
  • Catering Management
  • Email with Google Directions to External Visitors
  • Room Manager Outlook Add in Support (you need to license separatly)
  • Content Approval
  • Enterprise Keywords
  • Buffer Time for Room Setup (customization)
  • Block Times and Dates (customization)
  • Event Management Module
  • Car Management Module
    • check in/check out
    • Reporting
    • Service Interval
    • Alerts, Email and SMS Integration
    • Ability to prioritize vehicles allocated by lower kilometer usage or lower number of hours booked Out
    • Car Management made easy
  • Invoicing
    • create Invoices based on the room rent, equipment, and catering booking
  • Room Layouts
  • Floor Plan Integration
  • Visitor Connect
    • digital receptionist
    • Visitor Registration made easy

Note: the differences between the Standard and the Enterprise Edition of Room Manager is only applicable if you use Microsoft SharePoint on premise Server.

If you use Room Manager Solution for Office 365. There is only the Standard Edition available.