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Pricing and Licensing for ROOM MANAGER

Room Manager Solution (there are 2 versions available: See the comparison)

  • Standard Edition of ROOM MANAGER
  • Enterprise Edition of ROOM MANAGER

Pricing is based on the number of sites and locations you want to manage with ROOM MANAGER: What are sites and locations in Room Manager? See the booking form sample with sites and locations

  • Sites: Geographical Regions, like Countries and Cities
  • Locations: offices, buildings with resources like meeting rooms, or cars, etc to manage

Site: London
Locations: Canary Warf and Kensington

Pricing here would be based on 1 Site (London) and 2 Locations (Canary Warf and Kensington),
All Prices are one time fees

  • Standard Edition up to 2 locations $2’490
  • Standard Edition up to 5 locations $3’990
  • Standard Edition up to 9 locations $6’990
  • Standard Edition unlimited locations $12’900
  • Enterprise Edition up to 2 locations $4’790
  • Enterprise Edition up to 5 locations $6’790
  • Enterprise Edition up to 9 locations $9’790
  • Enterprise Edition unlimited locations $16’900


Per Server Licensing

  • Licensing costs are based per server: If you have multiple servers you need to buy for each server one license
  • Unlimited Enterprise License: please contact our sales [email protected]

(Source Code is not included in the pricing).



The Outlook Add in is a separate and optional solution which allows you to install on your client Outlook machine for each user. The user can make the outlook meeting request directly inside of Outlook and book theresources cross sites and locations. The bookings are synchronized with the ROOM MANAGER Web site.

The Pricing depends on the number of Outlook Clients (one time fee)


Support & Maintenance (recurrent yearly fee, mandatory)

  • Basic Support $4’000
  • Premium Support $8’000


What is included in this package?


  • Problem isolation and identification as related to ACAR products
  • ACAR error message analysis and resolution
  • Bug reporting, fixes and follow up
  • Advice on product issues involving general usage, implementation, licensing, operation, and functionality
  • Unlimited access to our knowledge base, community, forums, usage tips, and useful product information
  • Up-to-date information on current releases, product compatibility, restrictions, enhancements, workarounds, and fixes



Severity 1 & 2* initial response goals: 4 business hours

Free Major Version Upgrades: Yes (New software versions) when they are released within the time of your agreement.

Access to patch releases and bug fixes: Yes

* Severity One (Urgent) A severity one (1) issue is a production problem which may severely impact the client’s production SharePoint environment or ACAR products, systems are down and no procedural work around exists.

Support does not include

  • Complete installation or step by step assistance for installation of ACAR products
  • Configuration of ACAR products for specific business use cases
  • ACAR does offer Training Videos. Access to the Training Video Library is not included in this package
  • System/SharePoint administration unrelated to ACAR products
  • Debugging or inspecting non ACAR web parts or implementations that contain user-written code
  • Support of ACAR products on non-standard or in system environments that do not meet SharePoint or ACAR minimum

Touch Devices and Displays

We don’t sell the Displays, or devices. You can buy them on your own, you just need to license the Software which run on your Deice. You need to buy a license for each Device.

iOS and Android Devices are supported. You buy the device and connect the device over Internet or Intranet to the ROOM MANAGER Website. The Website is responsive and all the web site functionality will be available on your device as well. So you will pay a one time fee for licensing each device.

  • Per device is $300

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