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Room Manager and PowerApps

As Room Manager runs on SharePoint and Office 365, Microsoft PowerApp can be used to create a Mobile App for iOS and Android.

Connect to services you’re already using like Excel, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, and more to automatically generate apps, or use the Common Data Service to capture new data. Build apps without writing code. Publish and use on web and mobile.

Visit The Microsoft PowerApp Website for more Information:

In this Screen shot you see, how to connect your Room Manager Calendar with all the Events with PowerApp Studio. Automatically the 3 Main Screens are created for you. All you Need to is add addional Screens, optionally add Properties, Rules and Functions.

This way any Room Manager List or Library can be created separatly for every list as an Mobile App, like for Catering (orders), Equipment Bookings, Car Bookings, ParkSpace Bookings, or use it with your Visitor Management Feature in Room Manager.