Room Manager Meeting Display

Team Meeting

Team Meeting: Why you should meet people. Probably the most crucial responsibilities of a leader is having the ability to plan and run an efficient team meeting. You’d think after having sat through hundreds of meetings as a participant, leaders would pick this up through osmosis and trial and error. However, its been my experience…

Top 10 reasons

Top 10 Reasons why we like meeting rooms

Conference rooms are secret-keepers Keep confidential and sensitive information and conversations behind closed doors, these rooms are an ideal space to take care of sensitive business, such as breakthrough ideas, new product launches, and other classified information. Conference rooms are collaboration stations The best place to gather people to work on a business problem is…

Room Scheduling

Room Scheduling (rooms colored in the calendar). A visual “Reservation Book” with drag-and-drop editing to allow you to easily move bookings as needed to optimize room usage. The time and effort invested in improving the way events are assigned to rooms pays off in happier guests, a more efficient staff, and financial savings