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Room Manager for SharePoint

Solution (Sandboxed) for SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 Last Update: 02.02.2015


Table of Content

Deployment and Configuration Documentation.

Login an as Administrator Site Collection Administrators can deploy the solution as well to the Solutions Gallery, but do not have access to the Central Administration. Precheck

  • Outgoing Email must be configured in Central Administration (CA)
  • Sandboxed Code Service is started (if not started, you cannot upload any solution file (.wsp ) to the Solution Gallery
  • How to check if the sandboxed Services is started in CA (Central Administration)

GO to CA, and check under Manage Services on server CA Manage Services Check that the Service is started CA Services on Server If this service is not started you cannot upload and activate sandboxed solution files for SharePoint Login as Farm Admin or SharePoint Admin, or Site collection Admin. On your site collection go to Site Settings, and upload the solution file, if you don’t see the “Solutions” link you would need to go to the Top Level Site by Clicking the lik under the site Settings. Solutions Upload the WSP File Upload Solutions The solution file should be listed after activation. NOTE. It may take a while when you upload, too activate. Deactivate or upgrade solution files, be patient and wait till the operations are done Upload Solutions 2 Note: Acar Room Manager “.wsp” solution into your site solutions. i.e. /_catalogs/solutions/Forms/AllItems.aspx Activate the uploaded Solution. Activate Solution Wait after clicking Activate, till the Dialog box closes. Don’t close the dialog manually.


Create a Sub Site the Using Acar_RoomManger2013 Site Template

Site Template Room Manager Navigation: Don’t select Yes, as otherwise the Global Navigation Link of Room Manager will not show up correctly Navigation Go to newly created Site -> Site Settings -> Manager Site Feature, under Site Action Manage Site Features Activate Feature Acar Room Manager  and Event Receiver Activate Site Features You also need to Deactivate SharePoint site feature Minimal Download Strategy if it is activated (This Feature Restricts our custom js scripts. Minimal Download Strategy


To Activate Room Manager Licensed Version

after buying the appropriate product you will get a Serial Key . That Key You will have to Put / Enter in Admin panel. Where first Item is already created. Where you can put the received license Key. Link to Admin Panel: Admin Panel License KEy You need to renew your license key upon 1 year. Please send an email to or


Configuration Settings

In the BookEvents List Book Events List   Set Content Approval on (optional, if you need to approve user room Reservation request) Book Events List Settings   Book Events List Settings 2 Content Approval


Workflow Settings

Check as well in the same list under Workflow Settings That it is set correctly All Events List Workflow settings Workflow Settings   Click on the Reminder  and Approval Email Workflow Settings 2 Verify that all settings are correct Workflow Settings 3


How to update the Room Manager Solution File and Site?

Upon a release you will get a new Solution file (wsp) (updates, fixes etc) The process of updating your current Room Manager solution and your site is as follows, Please follow these steps. It is not necessary to delete your current room manager site with all the data.   You will just upload the new solution file and activate it. The site and the content will remain. Even so, it’s good practice to make a Site Back up of your current room manager site first!   First backup your current room manager site Delete the Room Manager Folder under the Style Library (You find the Style Library on the site collection level) just go to site content of the top level site and search for the Style Library (in there you will see a Room Manager Folder) Style Library Style Library 2   Style Library 3 Upload the new Solution File (.wsp) you got from ACAR to the Solution Gallery Style Library 4 Before you upload the new solution file, you (must) first deactivate the current solution when you click Deactivate Button, a new Dialog with a Warning will appear. Click on Deactivate again. Solutions Deactivate NOTE DON’T CLOSE THE OPEN DIALOG MANUALLY, WAIT TILL IT WILL CLOSE AUTOMATICALLY, IT MIGHT TAKE SEVERAL MINUTES TILL THE DALOG WILL CLOSE You will see the solution Status is empty! Solutions Deactivate 2 Upload now the new solution file and activate at the same time Upload New Solution File   Don’t close the dialog manually! Wait till it closes itself, it might take some time upon the activation the dialog closes you will see the following you have successfully updated the Room Manager Solution. Upload New Solution File 3   Activate the Site Features and check as well if the Room Manager Folder has been newly recreated in the Style Library Manage Site Features of the Room Manager Site Activate the both Site Features Manage Site Features Activate Site Features Note: YOU MUST CHECK EACH ROOM MANAGER SUBSITE AND ACTIVATE THE BOTH SITE FEATURES. Note: CONTENT APPROVAL It might be that you need to reset the content Approval to on again after the update. Go to the All Events List. And under Book Events, Settings, click Versioning Content Approval 2 Require Content Approval for submitted Items set to YES Content Approval 3


SMTP Settings

If no emails are send to the attendees or to the external guests and visitors, Outgoing email Settings under Central Administration might be not configured correctly or empty Please check in Central Administration your SMTP Settings SMTP Settings Please verify that this settings are set and correct, you might need to talk to your System Administrator Invitations Emails are still not send to the attendees and external visitors Please check as well the following settings Go to Site content of your current room manager site, and click on SendInviteEmail List Send Invite Email Open the list and verify that they are entries Send Invite Email 2   Go to the list settings of this list, and to the workflow settings Send Invite Email 3   Check if the Workflow is listed Send Invite Email 4 Verify that the 2 checkboxes are activated Send Invite Email 5


Visitor Management

Group By Last Action field Visitor Management   Modify the View All Events You can change the view of the All Events, by displaying additional fields Visitor Management 3 Go to the list settings of all events Visitor Management 4 Check the columns you would like to display as well Visitor Management 5


RM Admin panel Setting

Time Format Regional Settings Please check that you have the correct regional settings on your Room Manager Site


Event Manager

Event Management is and additional feature which can be activated, once activated in RMAdmin Panel it can be used to publish Workshops, Seminar, with an enrollment date and available seats Event Management   Hide Trainer Tab: select if you don’t want to show the available Trainers as a Tab in the Booking Form First you need to add the Workshops and the Trainer with the Skills and the Tags to the Lists NOTE: all the workshops and seminars are in the Event list and not in the BookEvents List Event Management 2   Add your Events, Workshops, Seminars which are available for registration to your users, and students here Add a new event to the list (picture library) by clicking add Picture

Trainer List

Do the same with the Trainer List Don’t forget the Keywords Event Management 3

Steps to Publish the Events, Workshops, etc

Event Management 4

  • Enrollment Deadline:
  • Total Seats:

Event Management 5 The SharePoint Workshop is added to the Upcoming Event List, from here the end user can Register Event Management 6


Car Manager

RM Admin Panel to activate Car Management Once activated the Car Tab in the Booking Form will look like this Car Management 2

Floor Plans

Tbd, Must be manually configured, please contact ACAR for further help

How does catering Approval work?

Tbd, please contact Acar

How cann you change the Emails content send?

Open the Room Manager site in SharePoint Designer, and edit the workflows

Calendar Columns, Filters

Block Dates

You can set the block dates. On this dates set, the room booking is not available (can not be set at the current version for a sinle room)


What are Sites and Locations?



Car and Vehicle Management

Please VISIT the YouTube Video Channel for ROOM MANAGER

Visit the YouTube Video Channel for ROOM MANAGER